Welcoming a Deeper Heart Connection

February 14, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Open from the heart center to deepen and build a stronger connection with your partner. Learning to be more authentic, present, and supportive we can create a greater feeling of intimacy and fulfillment in our relationships. When we are present with our own self, we can then be present with another. Rediscover, rekindle, reawaken your true heart connection with one another and this evening of joy, beauty, warmth, candlelight, mediation, and love. Learn new ways to maintain and continually grow the capacity for greater connection with one another in your daily life. For more information or to register, please email Ali at [email protected].  Cost is $60/couple.AliG

 Presented by Ali Graham Counseling, MA

Ali’s approach to treatment focuses on the client’s current life situation, bringing attention to the ‘here-and-now.’ Working from this therapeutic approach, she helps support clients in understanding the root of their behaviors, thought processes, and negative patterns, by taking a deeper look into the first formative years of one’s life and the client’s relationship to positive outlets, and spirituality. Ali believes counseling is a collaborative effort, where a trusting relationship between the counselor and the client is an essential piece, as well as an individual’s self-honesty, courage, and commitment to look within.

Ali encourages change by using reeducation, insight, and exploration of clients’ inner and outer lives. She works with individuals (both teens and adults) and couples, with overall life stressors, relationships, career issues, emotional wellbeing, and exploring how to live a conscious and meaningful life.

Ali’s Training and professional background is in personal growth, wellness, and holistic health. The mind-body-spirit connection is at the heart of her practice.  Ali helps motivate clients to create consciousness and health in the areas of: physical, emotional, mental, social, career, relationships, spiritual, and more!