Sonic Estuary: with Reiki, Gongs, Didgerioos & Singing Bowls

September 13, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Robin Hanbridge and Stephen Pshaw Scuderi will be joined by Donna Derenthal‘s energy healing. During the sound bath Donna will be channeling Reiki for the healing and well being of anyone wishing to participate and receive this gift.

We are intending to create a seamless sounds scape and sacred space container. So we ask you to stay the whole time, AND PLEASE COME at 7:00 or 15 mins early. This way we can minimize disruptions.

Good vibes include Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, Bells, Didgeridoo, Earth Gong, Frame Drum, and possibly Harmonium, Guitar or Banjo to bathe in. It’s a nutritive bath of sound and can be anywhere from uplifting, relaxing to deeply moving and transformation.

Remember that set and setting both matter. Please come and share our intention to heal, transform and/or uplift.  RSVP a space with [email protected]  Suggested donation of $5-15 to help us cover the cost of the space, $25, and our time.