Showing Up Together

October 27, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
$150 per couple

Relationships don’t simply “fall into place” as we all would like to believe. They need time and attention to grow and evolve. When we are able to slow down and Show Up – for ourselves, and each other – our capacity to give and receive love increases. When we authentically and honestly Show Up Together, our conversations change, our connection deepens and we no longer feel the need to keep ourselves protected and hidden from each other.

This one-day workshop offers time and space for you to nurture your relationship in a safe and relaxed way. Together we will spend time exploring “who am I in relationship” and learning new ways to reconnect and Show Up Together.

Using experience, discussion, and embodied exploration, this workshop will be a day-long dive into how strengthening relationship from the inside out is an effective tool for changing patterns in your relationship.

Topics covered:

  • What it means to communicate well
  • The importance of emotional needs
  • How compassion and self-forgiveness is good for the body, mind, and spirit
  • A shared vision and intention
  • Connection, appreciation, and fun!

For more information, please email Carolyn Cooke at [email protected] or Thomas Lucas at  email or call 802.363.4912

About Us: Thomas Lucas is a licensed IFS psychotherapist, who is also trained in AEDP and somatic-based EMDR. He guides his clients to a deeper self-knowing and helps them access the inner transformational place where healing occurs. Carolyn Cooke is a certified Gestalt Coach and a life-long student of embodied learning who uses present-focused approaches to help others discover more openness and authenticity in their lives. Together we have spent years discovering how we show up together and continue to find new levels of learning and practice each time we show up together with you.