Sacred Vibrations: Hatha Yoga & TRE®

June 15, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Join Christa Gowen for this very special offering! TRE® (tension and trauma release exercises) is a profound healing modality that works to release held stress in the body by activating self-regulated muscular vibrations.  These vibrations are a normal part of the mammalian response to stress and create a powerful outlet to discharge tension. During the workshop we will combine TRE® and traditional hatha yoga asanas to illicit these sacred vibrations.  Together, these practices can release us from the past and anchor us in the present.

The workshop is $30, and pre-registration is required.  For any questions, or to register, send an email to Christa at [email protected].

Christa Gowen is a TRE® Certified Provider, and a 200 hour yoga teacher and my experience is that by following the innate wisdom of the body, we can achieve a level of equilibrium and return to wholeness.  A regular yoga practice has deepened my connection to spirit and my work with TRE® has freed me of crippling anxiety attacks. I am excited and honored to offer this pairing to the community.