Pathwork Vermont – The Undefended Self

June 22, 2015 @ 5:45 pm – 8:15 pm

Pathwork Vermont‘s The Undefended Self

Join Isabelle Mulnet this spring and summer for an in-depth exploration of “The Undefended Self” – a pathwork book written by Susan Thesenga – and uncover a useful and detailed guide to what it means to be present in the moment and to walk a non-dual path with self, others and the essence of life.

In this series of eleven classes, we will learn, through the Pathwork teachings and personal stories of conflicts, crisis and brealthough:

~ the maps and processes for the hero/heroine’s jouney of our times
~ how to dismantle personal defenses safely and sanely and to anchor in our original divine nature
~ how meeting the unconscious dark side of human nature releases powerful new creative energies
~ how to work with the invitations, tasks and realities of each of the developmental stages of consciousness

  • March 30th , 2015 ~ Accepting our selves (Chapter 1)
  • April 13th ~ Choosing to unify our selves (Chapter 2)
  • April 27th ~ Developing the observer self (Chapter 3)
  • May 11th ~ Embracing the child, the adult ego and the soul (Chapter 4)
  • May 25th ~ Seeing how we recreate the past into the present (Chapter 5)
  • June 1st ~ Understanding the mask self (Chapter 6)
  • June 8th ~ Facing the lower self (Chapter 7)
  • June 22nd ~ Meeting the higher self (Chapter 8)
  • June 29th ~ Releasing lower self attachments (Chapter 9)
  • July 6th ~ Transforming the lower self (chapter 10)
  • July 13th ~ Creating our life from the higher self (Chapter 11)

Cost: $25 per class or $250 for all eleven classes (prepaid) (sliding scale available- please inquire upon registering)

Note: You will need to purchase “The Undefended Self” (3rd Edition) by Susan Thesenga, prior to attending Class 1

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ATTENDING THIS COURSE. To register, or for more information, contact Isabelle at 802-279-9144 or [email protected]

IsabelleMIsabelle Meulnet is a Pathwork Helper and teacher, as well as a Barbara Brennan School graduate and massage therapist. She co-leads Pathwork Vermont ( and welcomes in her classes all seekers exploring paths that facilitate self-transformation, foster community, and contribute to the planetary evolution of consciousness. She lives, teaches and holds a practice in Montpelier.