Order of the Rose

October 11, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
$20 Suggested Donation

What is Hidden Knowledge? Do the Mystical Teachings of Numerology, Astrology, the Tarot, Chakra Energy Systems, The Tree of Life and Angelic Realms intrigue and excite you??

If so, come discover, learn and play with the Magickal principles and energy of the Ancient Egyptians, Atlanteans, Druids, Knights Templar, European Kabbalists, Tantric Buddhists, Rosicrucian Order and more!!!

Order of the Rose is a Mystical Healing Evening Series based on the Ancient Hermetic Principles  and  Alchemical Laws that allow us as the “initiate” to turn lead into gold, or our 3-D, dense reality into a higher vibrational, “golden” dimension of existence. Tapping into the heart of this knowledge sheds light on the path we can follow to eliminating outdated conditionings in order to connect more deeply to our true essence and the Magick of who we really are as Divine Beings.

This five week series breaks down these Universal Laws  in a simple, fun and easily assimilated way. Evenings will begin with Melody Joy explaining an Alchemical Principle, how it is connected to Astrology, the Tarot, the Chakras, Numerology and Angelic Realms. Following, there will be a group discussion with open time for questions and personal sharing.  The sessions will close with a Guided Meditation Highlighting the principle discussed and an Energetic Healing Transmission, so that you can integrate what you have learned more deeply into your body and being.

Suggested Donation of $20. Please email Melody Joy for questions at [email protected]

Melody Joy is a Certified Massage Therapist, Seer, Intuitive Astrologer, Source Energy Worker and Urban Shaman. She also holds Certification in Insight Body Work and Yoga Dance.