Opening to Ecstatic Sexual Energy

November 11, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Sacred Mountain Studio
215 College St
Burlington, VT 05401
$10 suggested donation

This workshop, ‘Opening to Ecstatic Sexual Energy’, offers inspiration to help women connect to their latent ecstatic energy potential through a story of personal transformation and foundational guidelines for unlocking sexual energy.


Despite all your self care practices—meditation, yoga, body work—
are you still feeling disconnected from your sexual self?

Do you ever feel broken because you don’t enjoy sex as much as you used to,
or maybe never really did?


Are you curious about things like tantra and “sacred sexuality”
but have no room in your busy life to explore?

Do you yearn for something more, something deeper in your experience of sex
that you can’t quite articulate?


Following a spontaneous awakening of ecstatic energy during meditation several years ago, Suzanna Miller set out to discover the nature of sexual energy beyond the physical act, and its ability to transform our lives. In the process, her experiences have revealed to her the sublime potential for pleasure that resides within every cell in our body. Suzanna now inspires women in the practice of awakening this energy and revamping their approach to sexuality through her blog and podcast at

Suzanna Miller - Opening to Ecstatic Sexual Energy

Suzanna Miller – Opening to Ecstatic Sexual Energy