Giving Birth to Authenticity

February 26, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Giving Birth to Authenticity 

Manifest your Authentic Self & Release Doubt, Hesitation, Insecurity & Anxiety through Somatic Meditation, Guided Movement & Heart Healing* Exercises

with Savitri, Spiritual Guide & Mentor 

Bring your authentic self into daily life, your relationships—and the World.

Birth and rebirth are happening every moment.  Are you ready to give birth to a life that feeds your soul and allows it to blossom?  Is your spirit too big for the box it’s in?  Does your heart need to spread its wings?

Then this is the workshop for you!

Join us on Sunday, February 26th, for an in-depth workshop where you will learn to identify, explore and release the patterns that interfere with the full expression of your most authentic self.




Morning: 10am-12:15pm ~ Getting to Know Your Authentic Self

  • Meeting Your Authentic Body ~ Using movement and breath to develop greater awareness of your physical and energetic selves
  • Making Friends with Your Heart ~ Exploring authenticity and emotions through deep breathing exercises and heart healing meditations

Afternoon: 1:15pm-3pm ~ Preparing Your Authentic Self to Meet the World

  • Bringing Authentic Expression into the World ~ Revealing physical, emotional, energetic patterns and habitual thought processes through guided movement and dance
  • Developing Authentic Relationships ~ Opening the Heart and exploring Authentic Presence in relationships using tools and exercises that you can use to continue this journey out in the real world


The cost for for this workshop is $160. Space is limited.
Please contact Savitri at [email protected] for more information and to reserve your spot.


“Above all, I recognize myself as a ‘gardener of Love’.  I believe in the wholeness and limitless potential of the Human Spirit for healing, well-being and the joy of Divine expression in the world—and I feel I am here to help open the Hearts that (All!) contain that message.”

Savitri is a Spiritual and Health Mentor, a teacher of yoga and meditation, and a certified practitioner of Reiki and Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Abdominal Massage).

Her mission is to open Hearts to the healing power of breath, meditation, movement, and above all—Love. Her offerings integrate Yoga and somatic movement, meditation, Heart-centered practices and Intuition to help students and clients unveil and transform anxiety, depression, doubt, addiction and unhelpful patterns into opportunities for growth and transformation.

Savitri offers workshops and one-on-one mentorship to help students and clients:
• develop a personal healing and spiritual practice
• allow their practice to evolve along with their needs, growth & experience
• cultivate Intuition, confidence and self-trust
• channel energy into authentic action and expression
• access fluidity, balance & lightness in the growth process

About Savitri 

After a decade of struggle with depression, anxiety, fear and doubt, Savitri discovered the healing power of breath, movement and meditation. Her entry point of exploration began with Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, and later evolved through the limbs of Yoga, Eastern healing modalities and delving into the realm of Intuition.
The teachings, tools and practices offered by these wisdom traditions, along with countless teachers, helped Savitri to uncover and begin to heal the mental, emotional and physical layers of being, and use them to create compassionate, life-affirming opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation.
Through this journey, Savitri unearthed the ultimate gifts of her wounds—a passion to help guide herself and others towards their own limitless potential for healing, well-being and the joy of Divine expression—and into the frontier of the Human Spirit called Love.