Solar Eclipse Alchemy of the Soul Meditation with Melody Joy

August 20, 2017 @ 5:45 pm – 7:15 pm
Come celebrate your divine deliciousness of being in physical form! This unique evening of soul alchemy is in preparation for the New Moon Leo Solar Eclipse! Allow yourself to be activated to your souls highest expression and TRUE self by harnessing the powerful, fiery essence of Leo, while releasing and letting go of any darkness or density that is no longer serving you on this life’s journey as we step through the gateway into the New Golden Age of higher consciousness!

Melody Joy, Urban Shamantrix, will lead you on this sacred journey, assisting you as you align to the greatest expansion of your heart and being of light with binaural music, guided meditation, crystal healing, channeled light language and Goddess energy transmission. The time is NOW to shine your individual Soul/Solar light! What are you waiting for!  Class Cost is $15.  For more information or to preregister, please email Melody at [email protected]

Melody Joy is an Urban Shamantrix. She creates the sacred out of the mundane. She offers many gifts as a Light Worker, including intuitive readings, oracle cards, healing the etheric body through light language, vocal toning, Andara Crystal Healing and source energy work. Melody Joy has been a licensed Massage Therapist for over ten years, certified in Reiki, Yoga Meets Dance and Syntropy Insight Body Work. Additionally, Melody Joy has practiced yoga for twenty years, drawing influences from many disciplines. She has owned her own yoga studio and has had the opportunity to teach to a diverse population, including those in recovery and with a history of addiction.