Chakra Sound Healing Training

February 9, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
This 8 hr certification is designed for practitioners with fundamental proficiency at utilizing bronze singing bowls and/or other sound tools for healing, release, and transformation, and are looking to take their practice deeper. We will focus on advanced traditional and novel treatment protocols utilizing bronze singing bowls combined with voice (mantra and toning), breath, visualization, and affirmation to heal and harmonize the body. This training includes in-depth information on the human energy field and how it relates to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and overall health, focusing on chakra theory and movement, diagnosis and clearing, and whole body treatments.
Training Schedule: Saturday February 9th, 9a-1p, lunch, 2p-6p
+ Running Energy, Voice, and Sound Meditation – Combining visualization and vibration for being present, grounding, clearing, feeling flow, and connecting to source energies
+ Chakras, Energy, Vibration, and Biological Function: Background & Theory – An enlightening discussion on energy flow in body and the interactions between consciousness, vibration, sound, and maintenance of health
+ Basic Chakra Healing MethodA 7 bowl treatment protocol to open, awaken, and tune the chakra system.
+ Pendulum Diagnosis + ClearingAn introduction to using a stone (or metal) pendulum for diagnosing chakra spin and strength.
+ Master Chakra Healing Method – An advanced 7 bowl treatment protocol focusing on activating and clearing regions of the body.
+ Standard Sound Massage (on table) – A 7 bowl treatment protocol adapted for use on massage tables
+ Chakra Aura Clearing and Strengthening (if time permits) – Learn to sense the biofield around the body and interact with it via sound and visualization.
*We will have other sound tools available for practice including: gongs, drums, tingsha bells, tuning fork, and crystal bowl.
*This practice often entails inciting and guiding ecstatic physical and vocal release, and requires being fully present with oneself and one’s client.
Exchange: $199 – Includes 8 hr training, 54 page Master Chakra manual, and Master Chakra certificate. This class is open for VSAC nondegree grant funding for Vermont residents. Sound good? Reserve your space today!
Visit to register. For more information please email [email protected]
Prerequisite: This training is for practitioners who have taken IASH Level 1, Advanced Training, other sound healing trainings, or have significant personal experience with using bronze bowls (or other sound tools) for healing purposes. Check-in with Kirk prior to registration if you have questions.
What to bring/what to expect: Bring a notebook and writing utensil. Wear light colored, peaceful, nonrestrictive clothing free of metal or hard plastic. Water and light refreshments are provided. Mats, blankets, and bolsters are provided; feel free to bring your own.
Accommodations: There are many hotels and B&B’s in the area.
Singing Bowls: Master chakra sets will be provided for use in class. If you are interested in purchasing a 7 bowl Master Chakra set ($2499 + tax) for pickup, please order ahead. These are high quality, healing grade, new, hand hammered bronze meant to have the highest possible healing impact and are created specifically for this modality. Master Chakra set includes: 7 large, hand-hammered bronze bowls (~14″, 13″, 12″, 11″, 10″, 9″, 8″), 3 felt mallets, 3 leather mallets, 7 anti-slip mats, 7 velvet cushions, and 1 jute bag.

Workshop facilitator: Kirk Jones, MS, Master Sound Healer

Kirk was powerfully drawn to singing bowls 18 years ago, attracted to the power and beauty of the rich, ancient tones. He then saw how singing bowls resonated with and elevated his own spiritual and healing journeys, so he decided to learn how to apply this to his own life and to help others. Since then he has assisted over 1500 people on their own healing journeys, bringing great joy, relaxation, pain relief, emotional release, spiritual upliftment, and clarity, while ameliorating a host of dis-eases and dis-orders. He is honored to be able to use and share this sacred gift