Transformational Workshop: Breathing Awareness Into the Energy Body

November 4, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Join Laura Lomas and Gardner Orton for this extraordinary journey into your energy body. During this workshop, we’ll explore the relationship between breath and energy and learn how to work with them together as a means of healing and transforming our lives. We’ll learn and work with the tools needed to access our inner healer, allowing us to communicate deeply with our energetic bodies. It is here that we are able to transform places where we are stuck, opening the doorway to emotional and spiritual growth.


Laura will teach you how to communicate with your energy body and connect to your inner witness. You will learn how to acknowledge each energy center, discover what is held there, and how to release impediments to your own emotional and spiritual growth. Having this awareness is the first step towards living a life of clarity, harmony and love.

Gardner will help you to connect with the power of your own breath. We’ll work with breath awareness practices that will teach you how to reclaim and restore a healthy, open and natural breath. And we’ll explore conscious breathing exercises that will enable you to use your breath as a tool for self-empowerment, self-transformation, and true self-love.

This powerful and transformative journey will include time for breaks and reflection, with snacks and refreshments included.

The cost is $100 and preregistration is required. Deadline to register is Friday, November 2nd. To register, please pay here:

For more information, please email either Laura Lomas at [email protected] or Gardner Orton at [email protected]

Please join us on this extraordinary journey.


Laura Lomas is an intuitive healer and energy worker. For thirty years she has helped her clients heal the emotional, energetic and ancestral blockages held within their energy bodies, awakening their true nature of love, grace and oneness. This is deeply healing, transformational work which ultimately leads to inner awareness, outer clarity, and the natural unfolding of one’s soul purpose.





Gardner Orton is s a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Somatic Breathwork Therapist. For the past 12 years, Gardner has worked with both individuals and groups to create positive, long-term results. A student of Alternative Health for over 25 years, Gardner helps his clients to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually through one-on-one counseling, guided breathwork healing sessions, and group workshops. Gardner’s practice embodies the philosophy that true health and happiness are only achieved when all areas of one’s life are in balance.