Belly Dance with Valerie Marie

November 30, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Belly dance expresses the beauty, grace, power, and sensuality of the Divine Feminine through movement. Belly Dance is a moving meditation which nourishes radical transformation of spirit and the awakening of consciousness. The class provides a space for femme empowerment and encourages inhabiting our bodies with love and creativity. The style of movement is a unique form of dance and does not represent any particular group.
Students will learn the art of group improvisation by learning the language of combos and cues. We will explore improvisation as a dialogue between dancers, fundamental movements, and musicality. The class intends to foster a creative community; attendees are encouraged to provide support for each other.
All bodies welcome! $15 per class. For more information contact Valerie at [email protected].
I am a former student of the particular dance form’s creatrix, Susanne Claxton. I studied under Susanne while earning my B.A. in Philosophy at Green Mountain College. I have been practicing various forms of belly dance for over a decade.  In addition to dancing; I enjoy meditation, yoga, and drumming to journey through the body & explore consciousness. I am native Vermonter, currently residing on a farm in southern Vermont.