Heart Speak Circles for Men and Women

**This group is full and not accepting new participants.  For more information, contact Annie O’Shaughnessy.**  Heart Speak Circles Series for Men and Women:  Join Annie O’Shaughnessy and Kelly Ulrich and be part of a committed group of no more than 18 people for a 6-month series of circles.  No previous circle experience is necessary.   See SoulFlares.org for more information. $90 for 6-month series.

How would your world be different if once a month you sat in a circle with open-minded and open-hearted people who listened without trying to fix, counsel, or console you?  A circle where you could speak openly from your heart? Magic happens when humans are fully present to each other—layers of ego defense slip away, revealing the light of each other’s true nature.

Heart Speak Circles are for people who:

  • are ready to live more heart-full, passionate, creative lives.
  • seek the courage to speak and live in way that reflects their true nature.
  • want to spend time with open-hearted and kindred souls
  • want to feel what it’s like to be truly seen and heard.
  • want to get in touch with their playfulness, tenderness and vision.
  • want to clarify their intentions and connect with their innate wisdom.
  • seek compassionate community to support powerful transitional time

What we will do together: Grounding • Gratitude • Offering • Witnessing Heart Speak Sharing • Story Telling • Reflection • Expression • Affirmation • Creation

Preregistration required.  For more information call 802-922-3724.  See SoulFlares.org for more information.

annie_07_09Annie O’Shaughnessy and Kelly Ulrich bring 30 years of combined experience to their circle facilitation, bringing a tender, playful and grounded approach to an ancient way of connecting to self and others. See SoulFlares.org for more information or call 802-922-3724 or write to us at [email protected] Founded in 2006, Soul Flares, is a local nonprofit dedicated to creating the conditions for people to remember themselves as vital, heart-full, purposeful and creative humans.