Classes at Sacred Mountain Studio

We have a variety of workshops and classes in our weekly schedule, including different styles of body movement, creative expression, meditation, sound healing, group work and informal community gatherings. There is FREE PARKING (up to 2 hours) available in the Church St Marketplace Parking Garage, located at the corner of Center Street and Bank Street, one block from Sacred Mountain Studio. Enter on Bank Street or Cherry Street.

Weekly Workshops & Classes in Burlington, Vermont


Conscious Breathwork Healing Circlessms-slide-1

Conscious Breathwork is an ancient practice that quiets the mind, expanding our awareness and opening the energy centers in the body.

Feldenkrais-Method-burlingtonThe Feldenkrais Method® : Awareness Through Movement® with Uwe Mester

The Feldenkrais Method® is a form of somatic education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and enhance human functioning. Through this Method, you can increase your ease and range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, and rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement.


Qi GongCarrie A. Photo

Qi Gong, which literally means energy work, refers to a group of exercises which help to cultivate and regulate the flow of energy in the body. This qi, or vital energy, is essential for good health and longevity. When our vital force is strong and flowing harmoniously all aspects of our being benefit.

Additional Workshops & Classes

Please check our studio calendar for an updated schedule of additional workshops & classes.

Additional Workshops & Classes

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